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The list of names below is a constant work in progress. If you can add some names for us, or seasons they were with the club, it would be greatly appreciated.
Send them to Gregg Pilling:  
Adamyk, Braeden
Allen, Harry, Coach 
Anderson, Ron 1962-66
Annable, Bruce 
Archibald, Alex 
Babych, Wayne
Back, Warren 
Bailey, Garnet "Ace" 
Bailey, Tim ('78-'80) 
Barber, Bob (Butch)  1960 playoffs, 61-64
Barrie, Doug
Back, Warren 
Beaudin, Norm (Playoff Addition) 
Bend, Tom 1962-64
Bennett, Brian 
Bignell, Larry
Bladon, Tom
Boddy, Greg 
Bourbonnais, Roger 
Braithwaite, Lorne 
Brayshaw, Russell "Buster", Coach 
Breitkreuz, Brett  2007-09
Brennan, Bill (Asst Coach) 
Brown, Jim
Brown, Jimmie "Humphrey" 
Bucyk, Bill
Bucyk, John
Bucyk, Terry
Buehler, Henry ( Hammerin' Hank 1955-57) 
Bullock, Rich 1962-63 
Burgess, Tom 
Caley, Don  (Playoff Addition)
Cameron, Craig
Cepek, Cameron 
Chase, Jim 
Chiz, Don 
Christiansen, Jim (Original Owner). 
Comeau, Marcel
Comrie, Bill 
Congrave, George
Cook, Howie  1957-59 
Coolidge, Cliff 1963-64
Cox, Bobby
Cowan, Bob 
Crozier, Les 
Cumiskey, Clayton 2007-09 
Cummings, Jack 
Currie, Tony
Cuthbertson, Dr. Neil 
Demchuk, Ted 
Diachuk, Eddie
Dickson, Bruce, (Original)
Dowd, Brenden 2007-09 
Downey, Vince  1960-63
Dufour, Mark (Playoff Addition) 
Dutton, Phil 1960-63 
Eagle, Jim
Edmonton Exhibition Assn (Owner, sponsor). 
Ehrenverth, Edgar  (Playoff Addition)
Elniski, Frank (original) 
Falkenberg, Bob 1962-66
Figren, Robin 
Fleming, Harold "Hap" 1961-1963
Flette, Dalyn 2007 
Fox, Doug 
Fraser, Don; (Original) 
Friesen, Kieran 
Gardiner, Freddie, 1956-57.
Gaume, Dale 
Geary, Bill; (Original)
Gelinas, Roger; (Original) 
Gilbertson, Grant ; (Original)
Goegel, Bob 
Gray, Earl 
Gray, Harrison 1961-62
Green, Bob GM 
Grochalski, Bill 
Hague, Brian 
Hall, Brad 
Hallet, Lou 
Hamilton, Al 1963-66
Hannigan, Ray (Coach) 
Harker, Derek
Harrison, Jim (Playoff Addition)
Havrelock, Darryl 1956-57 
Head, Galen 
Healy, Rich 
Hengen, Michael 
Henke, Brent 
Hextall, Brian (Playoff Addition)
Hodgson, Bill; (Original) 
Hodgson, Ted (Playoff Addition)
Holmes, Chuck 
Hunter, "Wild Bill" Owner, Coach, Manager. Didn't he also fly the plane & play the organ, too?
Inkpen, Dave 
Jacobson, Al 
Jantzie, Clark 1973-74.
Johnson, Eddie 
Johnston, Doug
Jones, Gordie 
Jones, Ron
Joyal, Dave 
Joyal, Eddie
Joyal, Pierre 
Jung, Torrie  2008-10 
Kalis, Tom 1956-58 
Karpinka, Jerry 
Kassian, Dennis 
Kerslake, Doug 
Ketter, Kerry
Kinasewich, Mike; (Original) 
Kinasewich, Nick
Kinasewich, Orie 
Kinasewich, Ray 
Kirk, Russ 1961-64
Kirkwood, George 
Knox, Jim 
Knox, Swede (Stickboy, 1960-66) 
Kowalchuk, Russ; (Original) 
Kryskow, Dave 
Kozak, Don 
Kucy, Larry 1959-60. 
Lamb, Jack
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